3 of The Best Places To Eat Breakfast In Reno

Looking for a great place to eat breakfast in Reno? Look no further. Check out these 3 amazing places to eat breakfast in Reno, NV.

In 1974, a tiny little kitchen started selling omelettes to locals and tourists in historic downtown Truckee California. At just 10 feet, 3 inches wide, and with only 39 seats, guests would literally have to ‘squeeze in’ to enjoy their breakfast at the little restaurant. As the list of omelette options grew, so did the popularity of the restaurant, and by the mid 80s it was considered a true Truckee institution.

Gary and Misty Young, who lived in Reno, would often drive their daughters, Kay and Shila, to dine at the Squeeze In on special occasions. Through their childhood the girls would regularly hear their parents speak of their ultimate dream to one day own the Squeeze In.

Not some business, not a restaurant, THIS restaurant: the Squeeze In. Between the scrumptious food, the signatures on the wall, and the undeniable hippie vibe, they knew that it was one day their destiny.

In 2003 that dream became a reality when the Young family cashed in their retirements and savings, quit their careers, and moved to Truckee to become restaurant folk. Four years later, in 2008, they brought on Shila and her husband, Chad Morris, as partners to help grow the business into their hometown of Reno Nevada.


  1. The Danny’s in Reno is also amazing! As odd as that may sound, this place is awesome! Not your everyday Denny’s!!

  2. The best place for us to go eat breakfast is PJ & Company in Wells. They have, hands down, the best biscuits and gravy we have ever eaten anywhere!

  3. I’ve eaten at Peg’s 3 or 4 times and always found it greasy and bland. It’s overpriced, I just don’t get it.

    I love breakfast. Try Sunrise Cafe on Mt. Rose

  4. I would be really bummed if I was from out of the area and I went to any of these places for breakfast. The Wet Hen is an order at the counter place, very tiny, though the food is good. Squeeze In is great, portions are gigantic, we always share, and the seating is super tight. Not a comfortable atmosphere. Loud, bright, writing all over the place makes it look dirty, but it’s their schtick. Alien decor. Not really what I want for breakfast, but kids probably like it. Again, the food is very good. Pegs is not comfortable either. Looks like an old Denny’s on the inside an menu is similar. Good classic food, but nothing special. My recommendations? The Stone House. Bloody Marys are amazing as well as all of the food. Stuffed french toast, different kinds of crepes, spicy stuff, thick bacon, etc. Their outdoor patio is absolutely gorgeous and large (the inside is a bit tight). Sunrise Cafe has amazing food and the seating is open and not cramped. They have a fabulous huevos rancheros. My third choice? I wish they opened earlier, but the brunch menu at Bertha Miranda’s is the most amazing Mexican food in town. Do not leave without having the homemade fresh flour tortillas! Can’t forget PJ & Co in midtown. Cramped and packed, but the food is out of this world and the service is wonderful. They treat you like family. Nice outdoor patio there as well. There are numerous great breakfast places. Your three choices are usually towards the bottom of my list, but we all have different tastes, I guess. Good thing there are a lot of choices.

  5. All three have decent breakfast
    items – I tend to avoid them because

    Peg’s is overpriced and the downtown location is way too noisy and you feel rushed – the location in So Reno is more refined

    Squeeze In has an amazing (kinda proxy) menu but loud and crowded – tables there are for sharing- not a good place for a cozy breakfast & conversation.

    Wet Hen is quieter but sorta self serve so sometimes a little cramped when you’re trying to get to the coffee – maybe need bigger coffee cups =less times wading through tables.


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