5 Things You Should Definitely Hide Before Selling Your Home

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When selling your house, you want to be as upfront and honest as possible with prospective buyers. Trying to be sneaky or ‘shady’ in any way is only going to come back to cost you in the end. However, those rules only apply to the actual house and property that you are trying to sell. In terms of staging – meaning, things in your house that you are going to take with you when you go – you definitely want to hide a few specific items.

Keeping the items below on display while your house is on the market is only going to make it tougher to sell. Review this list and stash these items away before your next showing.

#1 – Guns

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Sure, you might be proud of your gun collection, but that doesn’t mean everyone who walks through the door is going to be comfortable with weapons just laying around the house. When your house goes up for sale, store away your guns (and knives) safely and wait until you move into your new place to display them once again.

#2 – Weird Collections

Are you an avid collector of some specific type of product? There is nothing wrong with that kind of hobby – but make sure it isn’t going to creep out the people who are touring your house. For instance, you might feel like your doll collection is adorable, but potential home buyers may think that those dolls are watching them while they look around. Again, these are things that should be stored away until you have moved.

#3 – Taxidermy

This is a big no-no. Even if you are as proud as can be about the big game that you bagged on your last hunting trip, there are plenty of people who are uncomfortable with the idea of a stuffed animal head on a wall. Take your taxidermy down before your house hits the market, and cover up the spot on the wall with a simple painting or photograph in a frame.

#4 – Political Items

Talk about putting people in a bad mood while they are shopping for a house – leaving political banners, posters, and more up on display is just asking for trouble. Regardless of what your political views happen to be, take these items down during the selling process and store them away for later.

#5 – Critter Catchers

If there is one message you certainly don’t want to send, it is the fact that you are trying to catch critters around your house. If you have been using traps to catch things like mice or roaches, put the traps away until the house is sold. The buyer will have the chance to do an inspection anyway, so they are going to be notified of a pest problem if one does exist. However, in the meantime, you don’t want to give off the appearance that your house is infested when it was maybe just a mouse or two that had caused an issue.

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