7 Features That Help a Home Sell the Fastest

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When you list your house for sale on the market, you likely have a couple of goals in mind. First, you want to get as much as possible in return for your home – that point is obvious. Additionally, you will want to sell your home quickly, so you can be done with the process and move on with life. If you are working on buying a new home at the same time you are trying to sell, selling your current home quickly will make the buying process much easier.

So, what is it that causes a home to selling quickly? The market conditions in your area play a big role, but there are also some specific home features that can be a big help. Consider the following list of seven features that may cause your home to come off the market in a hurry.

#1 – Modest Size

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One of the common elements seen in homes that tend to sell quickly is a modest size in terms of square footage – often, homes between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet will jump off the market first. Why? Price, of course. While most people would love to live in a mansion, that kind of square footage just isn’t going to fit in the average budget.

#2 – Modest Price

Going hand in hand with the first point, a home that is modestly priced is usually going to sell before a higher-priced house. It’s not that there aren’t buyers in the higher price range – there are – but there are fewer of them, so they usually take longer to find.

#3 – Stainless in the Kitchen

One of the major selling points of a kitchen is stainless steel appliances. This might seem like a minor thing, but buyers really seem to love the look of stainless – so much so that it can influence their buying decision in the end.

#4 – Add Granite to That Kitchen

Along with stainless steel appliances, another popular and attractive kitchen feature is granite countertops. It seems that every buyer hopes to land the combination of stainless steel appliances and granite counters, so there is sure to be a big market for your home when these elements are present.

#5 – Room(s) with a View

People love to buy houses that offer some sort of view. Even if your home doesn’t offer a panoramic vista of the ocean right out your backdoor, some type of view is going to make it easier to sell. Surprisingly, homes with city views seem to be even more popular than homes with nature views.

#6 – A Great Location

This might be a cliché when it comes to real estate, but it remains as true today as it has ever been. The only thing that cannot be changed about a home is its location, so selling a house in a popular area with amenities like shopping and great schools is a much easier task than moving a properly in an undesirable location.

#7 – Finished Landscaping

While there are exceptions to this rule, most people want to be able to move in and have their house – and their property – all ready to go. To most people, the idea of having to do plenty of work after moving in simply isn’t appealing. With that in mind, presenting prospective buyers with a yard that is finished and well-maintained is a great way to help your home sell quickly.

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