7 Reasons to Move to Reno, NV

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If you are looking for a new place to call home, you would be wise to at least consider Reno, NV before making your final selection. Reno has plenty of characteristics that make it a great place to live, which is why it has seen steady population growth over the years. Take a look at the following seven reasons to consider making Reno your next home.

#1 – Location

In real estate, it is all about location – and Reno has a great location. This city in northern Nevada is isolated enough to allow you to feel close to nature, yet you aren’t actually that far from some of the biggest cities on the west coast. To reach San Francisco, you are looking at less than a four-hour drive. Want to head to Vegas? The flight is barely more than an hour long. Reno nicely blends rural and urban living in a way that few cities can match.

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#2 – Affordability

Real estate prices these days are out of control in many markets, but the Reno market remains very much a reasonable place to buy a home. There are plenty of options throughout the city and surrounding areas, so you should be able to track something down that fits your budget with relative ease.

#3 – Weather

Okay – so this one is largely a personal point, as everyone has their own idea of what makes for great weather. However, Reno covers two categories nicely, as it is rather warm in the summer, and rather cold in the winter. Whether you like blazing sunshine or cold snowy nights, you can find them both in the Reno-Sparks area.

#4 – Tahoe

Countless people travel from great distances to visit beautiful Lake Tahoe – but when you live in Reno, you can visit after a drive of less than an hour. Just take a short drive south and you will quickly be enjoying one of the prettiest places in the entire country. With fishing, golfing, hiking, rafting and more to enjoy in the summer, and skiing in the winter, Tahoe is an outdoor-lover’s paradise.

#5 – Nightlife

One of the obvious advantages of living in the state of Nevada is being close to the actions as far as casinos and gaming are concerned. When you live in Reno, as opposed to visiting as a tourist, you certainly aren’t going to spend every night in the casino. However, as an occasional night out on the town with friends, you will have plenty of options at your disposal.

#6 – Sports

People who live in Reno tend to love their sports, as is evidenced by just how many sporting events take place in and around town. There is professional golf, minor league baseball and basketball, college athletics, and more to enjoy.

#7 – Setting

Simply put, Reno is set in a beautiful part of the country, with impressive views to be enjoyed from all around town. If you appreciate the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer in the western part of the United States, there is a good chance that you will love the setting of Reno, NV.

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  1. I LOVE Reno !! Great University, wonderful history,
    great small businesses, and lots of great restaurants among my short list. Reno needs to build an OLYMPIC size ice-skating venue due to the winter sports aspecct of the Sierras and the large capacity of the Reno Hotels to accommodate ice skating trial crowds and ice hockey tournaments. C’mon RENO!!! Build it already!

  2. We love the biggest little city in the world. We have great weather, don’t like it wait an hour it will change. Great shopping, many choices, great fast food choices. Wonderful grocery shopping choices. The best restaurants. And the people here are kind. Reno cares about all animal life. We love the care shown to all animals. We are happy to call Reno our home!

  3. I lived in Reno for 24 years and the only thing I didn’t like about it was the snow…I loved the entertainment and food venues. We left the first year the Aces started playing and didn’t get to see their games and I am really sorry about that. I left because the cost of living got so high and I was retiring and could no longer afford to live there.. I would probably still be there if not for that..

  4. I am considering moving to Reno. I do not, however, see much in the way of economic opportunity. I’m an attorney, but I don’t have license to practice in Nevada. While I am not married to the practice of law, I’d like to make a living in par with same. Any suggestions?

  5. I’ve been living in Las Vegas over 20 years and I would really love a change. Reno has been on my radar for awhile, especially no that my Son goes to UNR. Unfortunately, I notice rents and cost of living is higher in Reno and I don’t see a lot of employment opportunities, although some major tech companies are or will be opening there soon. I think Reno will really boom in the next couple of years!

  6. It has become very expensive to live in Reno these days, with the cost of available housing and rentals. Also the Medical professionals are not keeping up with the GROWTH of the City. Not enough Drs., especially specialist, for the population we currently have. We do not need some 20,000 houses built in the next few years. Our roads are not equip to handle additional traffic, just look at 395, North of Parr Blvd, RT 80 in the morning and early evenings. Yes, we have fantastic Events, but to many Tech companies moving here, bec. of Reno’s low Tax Structure.

  7. My daughter l lives there when I visit it’s so pretty over there love the lake in Tahoe the trees fresh are so nice
    Iam thinking moving to Carson. Ill be looking to rent a house i can. buy a house

  8. I lived in Reno for 20 years and loved it. Really miss pyramid lake. Great place to camp and boat.i took a promotion in the company I work at and had to move to Vegas. Sometimes I wish I just stayed in the biggest little city.


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