9 Must-Do Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before Selling a House

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The idea of putting your house up on the market is a daunting prospect to be sure. Right now, your home is probably full of all of your stuff, and it might not be quite as clean as you would like it to be. So, how do you get your home ready to sell? The best way to approach this monumental task is by tackling one small project at a time. Below, we have listed nine home improvement projects that you should consider completing before you attempt to sell your home.

#1 – Improve the Entrance

Is the front door to your home looking a little worse for the wear after being abused by the weather for years? If so, consider a fresh coat of paint – or even a new door – to make the entrance to your home more attractive. Potential buyers are going to make quick judgments about your home when they arrive for a tour, so make sure that first impression is a good one.

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#2 – Clean the Carpets

Cleaning the carpets in your home is a bit of a chore, however it is relatively affordable and can make a big difference when you put the house on the market. Not only will carpet cleaning be able to remove (or, at least, reduce) stains, but it should also go a long way toward improving the smell of your home.

#3 – Check On Your Key Functions

Buyers are going to want to purchase a house with everything in good working order, such as the furnace and the air conditioner (if you have one). Have a quick inspection done on these elements so you can advertise that they have recently been checked.

#4 – Make the Closets Look Big

Buyers love big closets. While you can’t really do anything about the actual size of your closets, you can make them appear bigger by taking most of the stuff out of them before the house goes for sale. Do your best to box up items that you don’t use and make the closet look as big as possible.

#5 – Pay Attention to the Bathrooms

When buying a home that is not brand new, the condition of the bathrooms is going to be one of the key elements that people check during a walk through. Consider adding new toilet seats – or even new toilets – to make the bathroom look clean and inviting.

#6 – New Hardware

Do your kitchen drawers and cabinets have pulls and handles? If so, consider updating those small pieces of hardware with something fresh. This is a project that is affordable and easy to complete, but it can go a long way toward giving your home an appealing look.

#7 – Clean Up Outdoor Space

It isn’t only the inside of your home that needs to look great before the property goes on the market. Address the outside space around your home as well by cleaning up the deck or patio, organizing your furniture, and even planting a few flowers.

#8 – Touch Up the Edges

Do your moldings have scuff marks and small dings from the toll of day to day life? If so, try touching up those spots in order to take some of the wear and tear away from the house.

#9 – Address the Roof

The condition of the roof of a home is one of the big points that buyers will be checking as they shop. Even if your roof is in good condition, the presence of something like moss can make it look aged. By removing moss and other items from your roof – either yourself or with the help of a professional – you can help your home look its best when it is listed.

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