12 Things You Need to Know About Reno, NV Before You Move Here

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The largest city in the state of Nevada outside of the Las Vegas Metro area, there is plenty to like about living in Reno. However, before you decide to pick up and move to ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’, there are a few things you should know. Review the following 12 points before you pack your stuff and load up the trucks.

#1 – It’s Beautiful

Thanks to a location at the base of the Sierra Nevada, you will enjoy stunning scenery when you call Reno home. Many people who live and work in Reno love to spend time outdoors, and it is easy to see why.

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#2 – It’s Bigger Than You’d Think

While no one is going to confuse Reno with being a ‘big city’ anytime soon, there are plenty of people to be found around the area. In fact, more than 400,000 people live in the Reno-Sparks metro area.

#3 – It Can Be Hot

In the summer, there is plenty of warm weather to go around in northern Nevada. The average high temperature in both July and August is above 90*F, and it is not uncommon to see the temperature jump up into triple digits.

#4 – It Can Be Cold

Just as it can be very hot in the summer, it can also be quite cold in the winter in Reno. The average high in December and January is right around 45*F, and there is an average of just under 22’’ of snow in the city per year.

#5 – Lake Tahoe is Close By

While there is plenty of great scenery to be enjoyed in and around the city, stunning Lake Tahoe is only a short drive away if you want even more to see. In less than an hour, you can visit one of the most-popular tourist destinations in the country.

#6 – You Can Gamble!

You probably already knew this, but gambling is legal is the state of Nevada. There are several large hotel/casino properties in the city, so having a fun night out on the town is never a challenge.

#7 – It’s a College Town

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Reno, this city is in fact a proud college town. The University of Nevada, Reno is located in the city, and it employs more than 4,000 people from around the area.

#8 – Sports for Everyone

If you like sports, you are going to like Reno. A partial list of the sporting events you can enjoy in the area includes minor league baseball, minor league basketball, PGA Tour golf, college events for the Nevada Wolf Pack, and more.

#9 – Steady Growth

If you look at the population history of the city of Reno, you will see a steady growth trend with each passing decade. More and more people are choosing to live in Reno each year, which tells you a lot about what this city has to offer.

#10 – Vegas for the Weekend

Sure, you can have plenty of fun right here in Reno, but everyone loves a weekend away from time to time. When the mood strikes, you can easily travel south to Las Vegas either by plane or by car. The trip will take around seven hours on the freeways, or just over an hour in the air.

#11 – Tourism Driven

One of the key components of the economy in Reno is tourism, thanks to the many hotel/casinos that are found in town. Not everyone comes to Reno just to gamble, however, as there are also plenty of outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy.

#12 – Housing Diversity

You will have your pick of a number of different types of housing when you shop for a home in Reno. You can live down close to the middle of the city, or you can live out on the outskirts of town with plenty of open space all around. The choice is yours!

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