3 Hidden Gems To Eat Dinner at in Tahoe

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Yummmm! Take a look at these great places to eat dinner at in Tahoe tonight!

Know of any others? Let us know below in the comments.

2River Ranch

The River Ranch Story
Tahoe City, California – The colorful story of the picturesque and historic lodge on the Truckee River dates back over 100 years. Originally called the Deer Park Inn, it was completed in 1888 and grew into a fashionable watering spot on a narrow gauge railway which brought many visitors to its door.

The Inn was always a featured and favored spot. It remained a popular resort until the Great Depression of the thirties, when tourism came to a stand still. The Inn was abandoned and became dilapidated through disuse. In 1950, the old structure was cleared and a new building was built. During the 1960 Olympic Games at nearby Squaw Valley, numerous foreign diplomats used the lodge as their headquarters. See More: http://riverranchlodge.com/


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