4 Places In Sparks You Must Try For Dinner

Here are 4 places in Sparks that you must try for dinner!

4Tha Joint Sushi & Grill


Tha Joint and 2 Tha Joint Sushi & Grill specializes in modern and creative sushi. The theme may not be the traditional Japanese restaurant, however, the idea of the “jail theme” was to give customers a unique perspective on a place to hang and enjoy great quality food with a friendly staff. Tha Joint offers a refreshing twist on Nevada’s boom of sushi cuisine. Although most people would find eating at jail less than pleasant, Tha Joint provides inventive sushi and gives customers more than the common sushi rolls you can find at the other sushi joints. Tha joint – a prison; a place to come together. You will find that our sushi rolls are not the typical rolls. Dining with us is unlike any other. You will be glad to come to Tha Joint to get your fix, leaving with a fun and unforgettable experience. See More: http://www.thajointsushi.com/





  1. Murrieta’s is also an excellent restaurant! Friendly staff, great bar, and amazing, delicious food!

  2. Nothing in those eateries I would be interested in at all. Mexican, Sushi, Pizza , or another glorified bar…. none for me.

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