4 Tricks to Eliminate Bad Smells from Your Home

There is nothing good about a home that smells bad. Your home should be somewhere that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at peace – and none of those things are going to be true when you are dealing with a bad smell. Not only will this odor bother you on a daily basis, but it will also affect others coming into your home. Pretty soon, no one will want to visit your house because of the stench that has taken over.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get rid of bad smells from your home. Use the four points below and you should be on track for a better smelling future.

#1 – Simple Air Freshener Spray

When you are dealing with just a basic bad odor that comes from day to day living – as opposed to something stemming from a specific event – you may just need to use an air freshener to kill off the odors. You can either make your own air freshener, or you can buy any number of commercial products that are on the market today. Keep a bottle in each general area of your house, and spray them from time to time to improve the overall smell of the home.

#2 – Keep a Clean Disposal

One of the common trouble spots for smells in the home is in the garbage disposal that you likely have in the bottom of your kitchen sink. The problem is this – once food drops into the disposal, it is out of sight, but not necessarily gone. Unless you do a good job of running the disposal with flowing water each time food goes in, you will eventually get a buildup of old food scraps that are sure to smell. You can run the disposal with a few small orange peels (and water) to release enjoyable odors into the air while cleaning out any old food that remained.

#3 – Regularly Take Out the Trash – and Spray the Can

It should be an obvious point that you need to take your garbage out on a regular basis in order to prevent the house from picking up an unpleasant odor. However, a step that is often missed is to spray the inside of the garbage can with an air freshener of some kind before you put a new bag in place. Garbage cans can get ‘funky’ over time, so spraying them after each time you unload the can will go a long way toward keeping things fresh.

#4 – Sweaty Clothes are a Problem

Away from the kitchen, another leading smelly problem in the house is sweaty laundry. After a good workout, make sure your clothes go directly into the wash so you can avoid having the stink of sweaty clothes lingering in the air for an extended period of time. Also, using a quality detergent when you do wash the clothes will give them a good chance at coming out smelling fresh and ready to go for your next workout or outdoor adventure.


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