Ghost Towns

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We have all heard about the ghost towns scattered all over Nevada. Here are a few for you to take a closer look at.

Just across the CA/NV state line at Montgomery Pass lies this creepy old burned-out casino town with AMAZING abandoned ruins. Sorry the video is so long…but there was SO MUCH amazing stuff to explore! Research indicates that Soper’s Montgomery Pass Casino/Restaurant burned down in 2010, but I wasn’t able to find much more info online. If anyone knows anything, please comment below or email me…I’d love to hear your stories and memories! Check out Wonderhussy Adventures

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Here’s a video I shot detecting outside an old ghost town that was once a mining boom town in Northern Nevada. Check out Relic Ryan

Gold and silver were mined in and around Cherry Creek in the 1870s and 1880s. Travel back in time as we take a look at this historic mining district. The Pony Express riders traveled thru this area in 1860-1861.Check out mixup98

Driving between Las Vegas and Reno Nevada on Hwy 95, you come across the strange little semi – abandoned town of Goldfield. I often wonder what people do for a living here because really, there is pretty much nothing around for miles. This spooky town is very close to the infamous and kinda creepy Area 51. Abandoned cars in the streets and yards, abandoned homes, storage containers out in the open, deserted buildings, closed businesses all boarded up…it just seems so weird when you come from a large city environment! We LOVE it though…it’s so unique! Just one of the many crazy sights you’ll come across exploring the Nevada desert…truly…there is nothing quite like it! ~Kenneth King Bear Check out Desert King Travel & Adventure

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