How to Water Tomatoes in Northern NV

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Here are some tips from Full Circle on how to water tomatoes in Northern NV.

Here is another addition of the every informative and ever entertaing growtastic video series, “PLANT IT YOURSELF”, brought to you by Full Circle Soils & Compost. In this episode, Farmer Craig talks about efficient watering in Northern Nevada. It is all about “flood irrigation” to make sure your tomatoes and other plants get one big drink of water. When using a high quality mulch and good soil with lots of organic matter, we only water ONCE EVERY WEEK! Yes that is right folks, once a week even in Nevada.

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The mulch will PROTECT your soil. You need to build up Nevada soils to be able to hold water by adding humus based compost like Full Circle’s BOOST. 1 inch of composted wood mulch like Full Circle’s PRTECT will keep in the water and add yummy organic food for your tomatoes. Subscribe to Full Circle Soils & Compost

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